Only the most severe and traumatic events could rob someone of the ability to communicate through the spoken word.  Yet, such was the case for Daaimah Taalib-Din.  For about four years of her childhood and teen life, Daaimah was completely silent, not uttering a word to even her closest family members.  Human thoughts and feelings need an outlet, however.  For those four years, dance became Daaimah’s language, her outlet, the vehicle through which she was able to heal herself and eventually regain the ability to communicate through words.  The art of movement continues to allow her to speak the messages that she wants to offer to the rest of the world: she wants to heal people of whatever ails their minds and spirits, serving as a direct channel between herself and God's omnipotence; she wants to inspire people, encouraging them to break free of whatever is keeping them from experiencing joy and happiness in their lives; finally, she has a constant yearning to envelop us in her love, protecting souls from the ugliness of life, or at least empowering them to face these circumstances with greater courage and strength.

                Daaimah’s consummately personal and spiritual relationship to her artistry has made her a most sought after performer, master teacher and choreographer in the United States and abroad.  With family roots in Bermuda and having been raised in Harlem, New York City, Daaimah was surrounded by the diverse and colorful expressivity of African and contemporary dance forms.  She has studied Malian, Guinean, Senegalese and fusion styles under such dance notables as Karen Thornton, Crystal Harrison, Nafisa Sharrif, Abdel R. Salaam, Mouminatou Camara and Ismael Kouyate.  Additionally, she learned various hip-hop styles in the unofficial conservatory of New York City.  Her gifts have earned her such distinctions as principal dancer and Traditional Dance Captain of Forces of Nature Dance Theatre (Artistic Director: Abdel R. Salaam), and principal dancer and Rehearsal Director for Seewe African Dance Company (Artistic Director: Mouminatou Camara).  Her film credits include Step Up 3D, and she has performed at such internationally renowned venues as the Apollo Theater, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Harlem Stage/Aaron Davis Hall and Black Dance USA.

                15 years ago, Daaimah adopted the “language” of jewelry design as another way of conveying her messages of healing to the world.  As a jewelry designer, Daaimah is in alignment with members of those mystic sects who aim not only to create specimens of beauty, but also to fashion objects that serve spiritual ends.  Each piece in her Body D-cor line is designed to produce a particular spiritual effect, and is titled accordingly.  “Just Relax”, for instance, is a beaded arrangement of predominately white and blue hues meant to inspire a sense of tranquility, and composure in the face of struggle and chaos.

                When asked about that silent period of her life, Daaimah makes clear that she is thankful for the experience; for it has played such a large part in her development as a human being.  Those who know her, have worked with her, purchased her jewelry designs, or have witnessed her on stage have all benefitted in some way from the refinement of character that this bleak period of life has wrought.  We see the light of God shining in everything she does, are enveloped by her spirit of protection, and we all feel better from having been in her presence, somehow healed.